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I always have been interested by different forms of vehicles, and cars are ofcourse a good example of toys that interest boys. Here you will find a few of my interests, cars I like and why I like them. Maybe even a picture or two!

A car that looks stylish, has a nice history, and would still be reasonably affordable to own, is the Volvo P1800. It was used by Roger Moore in the TV show The Saint, and is one of the few sports-like cars that Volvo has produced. My parents also had a love for Volvo's, so I assume that has to do with it. I'd love to own this car, but maybe a driver's license would come in handy first. ;-)

I really liked this car when I first saw it: the Lexus Off-System Sports Car from the movie Minority Report. Apparently it's not really functioning, but they managed to make it look quite real in the movie. A few pictures:

For more pictures you can look here. Lexus has also created a nice Flash 5 interactive animation site about Minority Report. You should go there, it's fun.

A little variation on the Lexus prototype, in my eyes, is this Peugeot Lion model. It's one of the ten finalists of a design contest by Peugeot. In de picture directory, three other pictures can be found of this model.

Somewhere in july of 2004 I went to Berlin. Walking around, doing the basic tourist siteseeing, I saw a Lamborghini Murciélago parked in front of a hotel. I thought, you know what, lets take some pictures:

Nice hm? You should also take a look at Lamborghini's website, it's quite well made!

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