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glenda, from Canada, wrote on November 20. 2010, 16:42:
your name came into mind so figured i would just type you in my search. I hope that all is well with you, and I am guessing it is. Talk to you sometime and take care of yourself as always.

Azhar, from Canada, wrote on February 9. 2009, 20:16:
I am looking for sony vaio PCG-C1MSX (Japanese model) recovery cd.
Can someone will help me where do I get this CD.
Also how to boot this lap top.Is it possible to boot with Floppy disk.I have usb floppy disk.


katarin, from Austria, wrote on December 13. 2005, 15:13:
nice guestbook ;)

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on November 28. 2005, 21:04:
Hello daddio!

I'm quite the regular to this guestbook huh?
I took a quick peek in your travel gallery. Hasn't anybody ever told you
that pictures without people are dull?? Well now you have, so you know
what to do till next time. Oh, and show some skin! Anybodys skin!

Toodles from Carrie

Julius Benedictus Thyssen, from Netherlands, wrote on November 7. 2005, 19:34:
Bwuh. Duffe dwaas. ;-)

kryz, from Philippines, wrote on October 2. 2005, 04:15:
Hi I'm just surprised to know that there is another person having the
same name and spelling like mine. I thought I was just the only one that
has that.

vividy, from Germany, wrote on August 16. 2005, 20:35:
hey man ;O
just found your page by looking for some vaio wallpapers...haha, i like
your page's kewl *thumbs up*
bAy, dennis

Kryz, from Netherlands, wrote on April 2. 2005, 17:49:
The guestbook has a bit of a technical problem; messages that are posted are
not shown here. For now, I'm not fixing it, since I get a lot of spammers
signing the book just to get a higher Google PageRank. But, I do get the
message you post here in my e-mail box, so it won't be lost, and I will
post it here when I find the time! Thanks for signing.

Jenn Martino, from Sweden, wrote on September 5. 2004, 07:55:

dr_sharp, from USA, wrote on August 23. 2004, 05:20:
Very nice site. Anya has done a great job... not to mention the author himself. Just an EOC member stopping by to say hey.

JAN JAMES ASUNCION, from Philippines, wrote on July 27. 2004, 03:37:
im 17 years old freeride,dirtjump rider

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on July 8. 2004, 11:54:
weeeeeell what do you know! It's ME again! I'm doing my occasional printings in your guestbook and by the looks of it I seem to be here more often than you! tsk tsk, shape up youuu!
I think a new picture of you is in order, those pics you got are old and mossy. Be sure to show some skin!
That's all for now, have a nice summer!

Me, from United Kingdom, wrote on June 9. 2004, 16:17:
All the things you buy confuse me! Too much gadgetry!
When you gonna call me? Been waiting since Feb... since our birthdays in fact.
I think that was the last time I called you. Rude boy.
And do you ever read your guestbook?
I'm coming to Holland soon. Hopefully. I want to anyhow.
So be ready.

Kryz (the other one)...again, from USA, wrote on June 1. 2004, 04:18:
eeek... n/m about the "how'd ya get the name" question, etc... Love your page.. beats mine by miles, but then, webtv is cheap and unlimited, and I'm basically lazy LoL. Guess you having my name, now entitles me to ask you all sorts of inane and annoying questions about the upgrade I just got, that seems to be acting more like a downgrade. Technology... gotta love it. ;D "We spends the money, we gets the headaches" <-----(my profound observation of the week). Take care! Oh, and if you wanna get me back for any "inundating you with questions" that I may do, I'm a captive audience. Check my page to see where at. :D >
~Definitely not looking, either!~

Kryz (the other one) ;D, from USA, wrote on June 1. 2004, 03:53:
LoL check your mail. :D

sebastian herpertz, from Germany, wrote on March 21. 2004, 18:30:
hi Kryz,
nice site! go on! thx for your help with my sony vaio C1!
best regards

Maxeen Horn, from South Africa, signed the guestbook on January 17. 2004, 18:29.

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on December 18. 2003, 14:26:

Long time no ..write!
Things are the same with the homepage I see. Lots of computer nig nag which I don't have a clue about. It's great! Well I just wanted to pop by and impress you with my new dutch language knowledge: Vrolijk kerstfeest!!
I'm so good :O)

Manuel alias sequel, from Germany, wrote on November 26. 2003, 21:50:
i found you website about google after search '' ;)

regards from germany....

michiel, from Netherlands, wrote on November 19. 2003, 15:19:
Hee, Kryz, thanx a lot for helping me out with the .htaccess file.Keep up the good work.

Patrick, from Sweden, wrote on October 23. 2003, 12:45:
Hey man plz help me out.. i just got my PCG-C1MHP and i re-installed windows XP..
when i was done installing, many futures on the comp dissapeard..
my screen isnt wide anymore, its just a tiny screen in the middle of
my TFT screen.. if u know what i mean? and my webbcam isnt functioning..
plz tell me if u know how to fix this.. THANX

Moes, from Lebanon, wrote on October 8. 2003, 12:51:
I like your website, it has insprired me to build more bombs and more molotov cocktails

golf martin, from Thailand, wrote on September 17. 2003, 13:17:
hi!....i'm golf from u remember me?long time no news from u.hope u have a great day:)missing u>>

golf martin, from Thailand, signed the guestbook on September 17. 2003, 13:12.

Colin Friend, from United Kingdom, wrote on August 28. 2003, 17:29:
Good info, good site.

Driver links would be a major help.

kryz, from Netherlands, wrote on August 24. 2003, 20:30:
Same name...
Nice pages!

kryz, from Netherlands, wrote on August 24. 2003, 20:30:
Same name...
Nice pages!

Lee inc., from United Kingdom, wrote on July 31. 2003, 12:36:
ur homepage is great!
I got in here after looking at the info. about C1 laptop!
Actually, I got one, too!

Go on, boy!

othy, from Africa, wrote on July 11. 2003, 11:01:
URL : http://xyz.zyx
xyz.zyx is much better then this site.

[note added by Kryz]

Maybe, but two things: my website is ranked higher in Google, and I
don't appreciate people spamming my website to promote another.


Irene de Bruijn, from Netherlands, wrote on July 9. 2003, 13:05:
Hey Kryz,

Nog ff bedankt voor de hulp gisteravond.
M'n verslag staat nu op een cd'tje gebrand so everything is alright!!!!



you know who, from South Africa, wrote on April 30. 2003, 23:52:
I'm sorry

uli, from Belgium, wrote on April 13. 2003, 12:50:
eerst en vooral he made me do it!!ik zit hier voor niks tussen en er kan mij kan duz ook geen verantwoordelijkheid aangerekend worde;)wat kan ik hier nu voor leuks gaan rondbazuine??kryz is een beminnelijke jongeman,hij draagt "altijd" een elegant,zwart montuur wat hem uitermate staat,oja nog eve vermelde dat hij grappig is en ik ga het mannelijk ego niet meer strele
(mental note:why am i doing this???) anyway laten we het er gewoon op houden dat ik ontoerekeningsvatbaar ben:s en dit best een leuke site is:p

shanky, from Africa, wrote on March 1. 2003, 14:38:

i don there here oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen, from South Africa, wrote on February 8. 2003, 16:44:
HaPpY BiRtHdAY! I hope you have a fantasic day and and even
better year ahead! I know from about August it should get
better *laughs* just kidding... it may be the start of your
worst nightmare hehe but you know I love you tons and I'll
talk to you soon! *hugs tight* Take care and if you cant
be good, be good at what you do!

Michel, from Netherlands, wrote on February 5. 2003, 00:30:
It's him :> Greetz and nice page indeed!

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on February 2. 2003, 11:33:

Yes the answering thing back sure would spoil it, now don't do it again ya hear!
Anyways, what IS that hot or not thing about? I thought I'd flip through you're entire girl picture collection but my eyes started to hurt so I didn't go through with it after all.

Well that's all for now!

oh, I'm always good by the way, especially to you, my favourite dutch boy ;O)

Autumn, from USA, wrote on January 19. 2003, 16:17:
Hey cutie, just looking at your site and remembering how adorable you are. lol. I really miss you, and your god damned sexy accent. heh. Talk to me sometime. <3333 Autumn

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on January 12. 2003, 20:13:
Me again! you've been yearning for months haven't you?
I like this guestbook thingy, I can slander you all I want and you can't answer me back. It's ideal!
Oh well just stopped by to sey HELLO so I did.

Kiss kiss!

[note added by Kryz]

Ofcourse I can't say anything back, that would spoil the whole thing, now wouldn't it? ;-)

Be good!


Dax, from India, wrote on January 5. 2003, 15:48:
Hey cool website nice to see them

Kristy, from USA, wrote on January 1. 2003, 11:26:
what a wonderful! :) You're a QT. Hope to get you know you more sometime. Take care and have a happy new year :)

Your bestest friend, from Canada, wrote on December 20. 2002, 00:33:
Hey moron!

Off to Thailand to buy sex? Well I guess thats your only hope:) Hey Have fun, my moronic friend:)

I wuv you.

Ponyboy, from Canada, wrote on December 6. 2002, 17:19:
Not much content.
Impressively hot girls.
Good work., from Colombia, wrote on November 28. 2002, 17:02:

Good Luck , Friend ,

grady, from USA, wrote on November 21. 2002, 22:08:
Kryz you fucking dick!

see ya!

[note added by Kryz]

Hey Nova, didn't know you were such a sick guy :P


supra, from Malaysia, wrote on October 24. 2002, 15:45:
It is marvelous. Keep it up!

Christina, from Honduras, wrote on October 14. 2002, 22:39:
OOooOoOOoOOoh Kryz *licks you allover* you turn me on soooo much *puts panties in the washer*

liz, from Canada, wrote on October 6. 2002, 18:34:
hey baby!
you so silly. i'm glad i met you...even if you did overrun my
apartment for 2 weeks with that sidekick of yours. i'm officially
inviting you to tour all of the really tall places in the world. we shall
overcome things together. it'll be a blast. but you have to
bring your sweater and play card games with me. oh yes and if
we're both up for it we'll have a little sex too. ha!
luv ya,

Marie-Ann, from United Kingdom, wrote on September 29. 2002, 03:00:
You are quite simply mad. *grins* In a good way of course *hugs*

Autumn, from USA, wrote on September 26. 2002, 21:39:
Kryz is hair like ANIMAL. Nice arms, n stuff.

Roosje, from United Kingdom, wrote on September 24. 2002, 21:31:
Ja ik was je guestbook aan het lezen.. en nou gewoon aan het vullen, omdat ik lief ben.. =)

Roosje, from United Kingdom, wrote on September 24. 2002, 21:27:

Nou Tja.. wat zal ik typen zou ik zo typen..

Het is een homepage.. ;o) hehe..

Ik kijk er nog wel eens vaker op om te zien wat je allemaal uitvreet enzo..


Het allerliefste Roosje.. hehe..

Margo O'Blake (Gabrielle), from Ireland, wrote on September 24. 2002, 18:28:
Well you are are cute...Damn are always right...What is up with that??? *smiles* Oh well...hehehe...soo...*ran out of things to say* Well anyways i better wrap this up! MWAH! I love ya!!!

Gretch, from South Africa, wrote on September 20. 2002, 23:58:
*spanks ya sexy ass* love talking to you hun *L* and stay
sexy n sweet =) loves ya!

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on September 8. 2002, 12:28:
Well well, it's Sunday and bored out of my mind as I was, I started reading through your webpage and got to the thoughts part. I started reading your disorientated thoughts so I could cuss and rant at you for it later, you know just for some good natured fun :O) but then when I realized how long it was I looked at the watch which read half past twelve and realized that I hadn't had breakfast yet, so I choose the chew before your uhm barins-grit. But I'll get back to you! O lucky one, that you ever made your aquaintance with me. kiss kiss

rhanz, from Netherlands, wrote on August 27. 2002, 14:53:
hee kryz.. mooie site & nice thoughts..!
Hoop je binnenkort weer eens te zien
bij AD&D ofzo... greetz..

krys, from Spain, wrote on August 22. 2002, 23:24:
Hey, i am krys
Salut frome spain, and..
u know, i just wanted to register a domain .... for example or or those kryx whatever
but found all were ocuppied :-(

I like your Ramdom Picture very much :-)

oscar, from Africa, wrote on August 8. 2002, 11:02:

Zag in je personalia dat je eigenlijk te hard werkte.
Wanneer merk ik daar iets van :-)

PS. mijn guestbook:

(mijn site is nog niet af, so don't blame me)


Steven Spoel, from Netherlands, wrote on July 11. 2002, 16:09:
So what.s the speed of dark?

Let me begin by saying that light can only exist in the dark. Therefore, traveling with the speed of light would be similar as traveling through the dark at a similar speed as light. Light always travels in the dark and is thus traveling at a greater speed than the dark. Hence, it seems that the speed of dark is smaller compared to the speed of light and approaches 0 by normalization. Theoretical physics, however, should determine the absolute speed of dark.

-Steven Spoel

shasta, from USA, wrote on June 8. 2002, 02:30:
hey, you finally have a webpage with words! miss talking to you but you know how it goes. nice pic =)

Maria, from USA, wrote on May 26. 2002, 16:25:
Pretty cool page! Hope you have been doing well, miss talking with you. *S*

Glenna from TEXAS~, from USA, wrote on May 24. 2002, 21:56:
Ok that was a truely wierd conversation in alamak...Thanks for playing the "smartass" game so well *L*
Hope to chat with you again, some day, some where.


Steven Spoel, from Netherlands, wrote on May 8. 2002, 18:05:
Always ya man...

Hanna, from Canada, wrote on April 15. 2002, 23:45:
muziq makes the people come together *L heh, you know what im saying

kaylie, from USA, wrote on April 9. 2002, 01:27:
hey, i forgot to mention, i really like the "" graphic. nice metallic look .... might be even cooler on a black background, and since i have no life, i might just give it a go and see what i can come up with.
if it's anything worthwhile, i'll email it to you

kaylie, from USA, wrote on April 9. 2002, 01:22:
hi, remember me?
was sorting through my multitudes of bookmarks, and yours caught my eye,
and made me wonder how you are and what you've been up to lately.
well, i can see part of the answer.
i like the site,i like the colours, and it's nice to read the deep ramblings (and, btw, if you can achieve AI, why not AH?(artificial humour)).

hope you're smiling, not artificially :o)

Carrie, from Sweden, wrote on March 23. 2002, 17:19:
Yo yo!
Well I thought I'd stop by and make your day by writing in your guestbook, you should count yourself lucky. Happy? :) of course you are.

Desiree, from USA, wrote on March 23. 2002, 17:16:
hey (: just going through homepage n guestbooks *pokes through yours* hehe I love your layout of your page. simple and not crowded with graphics n such :)

cowgirl8, from USA, wrote on March 23. 2002, 17:07:
Just checking out your COOL guestbook!

Jesse Hatland, from USA, wrote on March 17. 2002, 23:50:
i am working on my website so it is under construting also
Your are very cool and i hope u are an op because i can
go to u directly and u and i have power to kick and ban
people off. Your site is cool so far. Take care!

Gnaas, from Netherlands, wrote on January 28. 2002, 12:59:
Hey popie jopie

Zegt een chinees tegen een nederlander : $#!T^@%&@: !
En de nederlander antwoord : Dank je !


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