Preface: NO, the picture below is NOT ME. If you think that, you're a moron!

Ever been to HOTorNOT? Such a funny site, and extremely entertaining... when you're bored. :-) Okay, so apparently I'm bored a lot, because below you find a random picture, taken from a selection I made from the site, showing some of the women that definitely rank as HOT. It's incredible how many women are simply too gorgeous for words.

Click on the picture, or press F5 (refresh) to get a whole new random pic.

Hot Girl

A friend asked me to add the following picture. We were wondering how she'd rate. Don't hesitate to click on this picture and vote for her yourself!

P.S.: If you happen to be one of the women in those pictures, feel free to contact me. Anytime. I mean that. Even if it's just because you want your picture off of my damn website.

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