Mpio FL100 MP3 Player

My newest toy, which arrived today (Monday February the 16th), is the Mpio FL100 MP3 Player. As with all my digital toys, the most important combination of features it has is being both small and complete. A list of features:

Then ofcourse some eye candy:

Mpio FL100 full view Mpio FL100 front view Mpio FL100 side view Mpio FL100 angled view Mpio FL100 angled view

The player sadly does not function as a USB Mass Storage device. This means you need the Mpio Manager to upload your music. What I will do is fill the internal flash memory with MP3's that I want to carry with me all the time, and I will put the interchangable music on the SD cards. My Pentax digicam or my cardreader can function as USB Mass Storage devices for the SD memory; the Mpio accepts FAT (not FAT32) filesystem with normal directory structuring without a problem.

I've also ordered a pack of 4 600mAh AAA rechargeable batteries (with charger), I don't want to be stuck without any power, so we'll see how that works. I've received them, but haven't put any of them to the test yet - the battery I got in the package is still working fine, after 8 1/2 hours.

The device itself is really nice. Metal casing, mirror-like front, compact, original and functional design; definitely an eye-catcher. With the two SD cards (256 MB) I have right now, I should definitely not need any more. I will probably only use one of them for the MP3 player, since the other one is per default in the camera.

Together with the Sony Vaio and the Pentax Optio S, this will be an ideal travelmate. I will carry the Vaio for datastorage (pictures, music), and possibly burning CD roms (for hardcopies, just to make sure the pictures aren't lost if my Vaio should get stolen or something), use the cardreader for transferring the Pentax/Mpio data, via de SD cards, to and from the Sony. Yes, I'm a happy man, when it comes to digitoys. :-)


As goes for all my toys, this item needs to function under Linux as well. luckily, a few nerds have found time to get Mpio hardware working under Linux as well, eventhough the Mpio MAnager2 client system is completely proprietary. Here you can find the software including explanation. Apparently the 0.70 version does not function with the FL100 that uses memory above 128MB (like mine), so you would have to take the CVS snapshot version and install that to get that type of FL100 running under Linux. It seems the project has somewhat fallen asleep, so I will see if they can put the latest snapshot into a release, considering not much more will come out of it soon. This will improve installability I think. I haven't tried to install it yet myself, when I have, I will share my experiences here.

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