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I'm said to be quite an opinionated person. If someone would come up to me and tell me that, I wouldn't disagree at all. I guess I've picked up on lots of thoughts, ideas, facts, hypotheses, views and theories, which I've all put together in a big basket, and picked out the ones that fitted into my mind without them clashing amongst eachother too much. Ofcourse I'm not saying that my opinions represent the one and only truth... but I'm getting there. ;-)

What I'm doing here, is putting together some of those thoughts, and creating some structure in the chaos of mindwarps which float around in my brain. From time to time, I will put some of my opinion down on digital paper, and send them out into cyberspace through this website.

Mind you: these opinions were formed in the span of life that lies behind me. Although this is still a rather short period of time, it will take a lot of effort, reasoning, logic and perseverance to convince me to change my mind. Cussing and ranting (for example via mail) at me will definitely not impress me, and will probably not result in more than a good laugh. Good reasoning and intelligent feedback on my writings might do more good, especially since this all is just pseudo-intellectual babbling, ofcourse. :-) If you're opinionated as well, and can't stand someone else's opinion, maybe you should click here and find yourself a different website. If you want to read some (what I think is) interesting scribblings on mostly somewhat controversial subjects, please go ahead and enjoy yourself.

And one last note: I write these thoughts when I feel like them, and quite "on the fly". They might change, they might never be finished, they might not make sense and then be altered; please do not try to find any logic there, trust me, there is none. If a thought is not finished, come back some other time to see if I worked on it some more.

Then at last, the thoughts:

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