Travels the Road

So, in between the heavy topics I have been trying to discuss on here, I thought it would be fun to chitchat about a lighter subject for a change: traveling. It sounds somewhat corny to write about this passion of mine online, but I'm hardly going to keep up a traveldiary here; I'm not disciplined enough for it, and I'm quite sure no one would be interested to read that anyway. Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder whether anyone would be interested to read this either, but oh well, who cares anyway, right?

For someone my age I guess I've been fortunate to have seen quite a number of countries, cities and places. What you will find here is a little resume of the places I've been, and some of the experiences in those countries that were of interest (in a positive or a negative way) to me. To sum up all the countries I've visited in my life: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourgh, France, Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Greece, Turkey, Canada, United States, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Australia. This might seem like an impressive list, but you will see that it's not that impressive though.

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