Website Information Cow is a website maintained from Holland (hence the picture of one of our national prides) by Kryz, and also hosted in Holland, through the non-profit organisation O2W.

The design of was originally made by Anya, and changed on a few details by myself. Before this design, it was merely a background with an image of a pretty lady, which changed if you pressed reload (and it still exists here). The main reason for a proper website was having a static place for information I wanted to have on the web, no matter how random those pieces of information may be. Now, the site is slowly evolving into a place in which I have gathered many of my interests, and it's growing steadily.

The basic design was done CSS styled, with a very simple, straight-forward menu setup. The logo really doesn't have anything to do with the site, or my taste, but I liked the silver, as it contrasts nicely with the dark blue (note that the logo does not always work properly in Mozilla; apparently, this is a Mozilla issue, and not a fault in my sourcecodes). After a little while, the somewhat static menu on the right of the page wasn't able to give me enough room to link to all the information on the site, without making the setup very cluttered and confusing. After a few months I decided that the JavaScript menu that I'd seen in many places was the way to go for me; it allows me to add, change or delete items in one place, and the menus drop down, creating a very logical structure, without taking up much room when not in use.

Other than that, this site uses a few other JavaScripts, a nifty perl script that detects which browser is viewing the page, and adapts the appropriate stylesheet for it, a perl script to randomly view pictures on the hotornot page, and the rest is just basically plain HTML. To see when changes were applied, you can view the ChangeLog.

If you wish to use some of the source of this website, be sure to check the Credits & Disclaimers, and be sure to give credit where credit is due. Finally, some validation information:

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